About us

Glassmop was born as a family business more than a decade ago with the aim of covering a market niche within the glassware sector for construction- and agricultural machinery in the Iberian Peninsula.

We started by offering a wide variety of glass on stock for machinery cabins. Due to the great reception and the growing need in the sector, our engineers began to develop the different pieces in order to offer a greater range of cabinglasses at a more competitive price.

We have always been characterized by having a great adaptation to change, which has allowed us to grow while maintaining solidity thanks to complete dedication, a job well done and the warmth of a family business.

In 2015 we wanted to offer new solutions and decided to add glasses to our catalog for machinery in the industrial and road sectors, such as sweepers, forklifts, mobile cranes, port machinery... In this way, we became the first supplier of glasses to bring together the construction sector, agriculture and the industrial sector.

In 2018 we broadened our horizons and launched ourselves into the international market. We did it mainly aimed at the European market, although step by step we crossed borders and today our glasses reach countries such as Qatar or the United States of America. We currently serve customers from more than 30 countries.

Over the years we have been growing thanks to our persistence and our desire to improve day after day, always hand in hand with our customers. In 2021 due to our exponential growth, we moved to new facilities to expand our operating and storage capacity.

The new facilities are more spacious and modern, and have allowed us to implement a series of logistical and technological improvements that guarantee more efficient management of all operations and offer us the possibility of facing new challenges.

Currently, our team and our client portfolio continues to grow and we continue to explore new horizons because we feel that we still have a lot to offer. For this reason, we like to be in direct contact with our clients and listen to everything they can contribute to us in order to continue growing and improving together.



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